Its now over 100 days since the Chairman Electral Commission Eng Badru Kiggudu declared Museveni as the winner of the 2016 Presidential polls. The election results were challenged in court by the TDA Flagbearer Hon Amama Mbabazi through his last-minute petition that was overturned on 31st march by the Chief Justice Bart Katureebe on grounds of lack of sufficient envidence.

The FDC flagbearer who was the second with 35% of the polls was put under House Arrest immediately after elections, FDC headquaters were put under siege by Police and over 300 polling agents attached to FDC were arrested countrywide and this consquently denied FDC a chance to petition court within 10 days.

After Parliament had blocked the electral reforms, FDC’s presidential candidate during his nomination in the 2016 polls quoted “We shall win this election by Defiance not Compliance”. However this defiance campaign came in with a lot of weakness for example, it had no clearly defined activities, hard to implement as they were overpower by State agents and left some members divided.
The message of defiance also potrayed that people were to take back power from the Gunmen/State by use of Force and this would be achieved through violence and Civil disobedience.

Whereas some people shout and praise Defiance via social media such as the”Swearing in of KB”, it has done less impact on weakening or creating fear on this Junta. Sometimes people forget how NRA started and wats the current NRA? This is an army that was well-trained, equiped and above all very organised. Why would anyone think that an army that launched a five-year gorrila war with only 27 guns can be intimidated today by street protests?
Take an example, Besigye was put under House Arrest for more than 40 days and the situation remained almost normal regardless of the 3.5 million people that had just voted him.
Gen David Ssejusa was jailed in Luzira under unclear circumstances for over a month with orders from above and nothing happened.
Today Besigye is in Luzira Prision on charges of treason but everything seems normal.


FDC must ask themselves such questions.
>Can we really take power through street-stone?? demonstration against this Junta.
>Are people willing to sacrifice thier lives in trying to overthrow the government??
>Can the government under Museveni accept the demand of an Independent Audit which can see results overturned??
>Are FDC MPs, councillors and Party officials willing to lead people in this struggle or its a One-Man battle??
All these questions must be answered independently and with critical analysis.

A section of the so called “FDC radicals” led by FDC’s senior moboliser Ingrid Turiwane continue to openly criticise the decision by the FDC’s president Rtd Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu to choose a leader of opposition in parliament claiming that his decision indicates that he concedded defeat in the 2016 presidential polls. However she and the fellow radicals seem to be blind to the reality that the swearing in of Museveni, he is now the legitimate president of Uganda with controll over the three arms of the government. With this, it becomes practically hard to fight him.



FDC should end the Defiance campaign with call for an immediate dialogue with the government. They shd discuss the immediate and unconditional release of Dr.Kizza Besigye and all treason charges should be dropped.
  FDC must also become more organised and continue to use the avaliable platform to seek for reforms that could improve our democracy. FDC MPs must also be viabrant in parliament and call for reforms that can improve the livelihood of the people, accountablity, Service delivery & democracy.
  FDC must also put thier differences aside and focus on 2021. This calls for building more party structures, continue exposing government weaknesses and also potray that it has the ability to manage the country better.
Finally, we should capitalise on NRM succession disputes which we predict will cause more harm than good either with the removal of Age limit or the family succession to Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

In conclusion, i look at FDC as a party that is taking power soon but it must end impactless defiance campaign and work together for development for now.



  1. I much agree with you Mr. Victor… We should stop wasting time and energy with NRM and instead be supportive I the current government.


  2. Thank you mr. Arinaitwe. I believe the only solution to Uganda’s current situation is dialogue. Politics is not a war. it’s all about working towards a common goal that is for the good of the country. Uganda needs to distinguish between power and service. Whether FDC or NRM is in power I don’t care. what Uganda needs are institutions that work. Service delivery should be paramount


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