Recently while reading my Whatsup group messages, i came across a lucrative advert from Equity bank that was seeking to recruit 40 freash graduates. Having noticed that 40 freash graduates were needed, my attention was attracted to read the advert till the end because it was my first time to see a company recruiting mass freash graduates ever since i finished campus in May 2015.
However as i continued to read the advert, i was shocked by the qualification. In this case for one to qualify, you needed to have scored a second class upper that is above a CGPA of 4. The smile i beared while reading the advert came to an end immediately and i could only shake my head.


Having came across several adverts since finishing campus, i have noted that most companies seeking to recruit freash graduates need a second class upper degree as a minimum qualification. Such companies include KPMG, PWC, Deilote, Ernest and Young, Centum Investments, Total, URA etc most of which only consider candidates whose CGPA is above 4.
To some who may not know, a second class upper begins at 3.6 to 4.39 and this means that a student who scores between 66%-74% per course unit is considered to be with a second upper. Meaning someone who scored a CGPA of 3.59 is under second lower with an average mark of 65.9%.
For example in my course, Bachelors of Arts in Development Economics(2015), we had 3 students with first class (Above 4.4 CGPA), 21 students with second class upper while over 100 students with second class lower.


Is CGPA directly related to Work Performance?.
So lets arrive at the bigger question.
Is it that those with higher CGPA are more competent, reliable, effective and determined at work than those with less CGPA. There are conditions that are not examined of which they may determine one’s performance while at campus.
For example, earlier this week, #NBSInvestigates aired out scenes where lecturers give marks to students in exchange of Sex. This is a bitter truth that we must admit because most of us have witnessed it. Personally i noticed my former female classmates who never attended classes regularly, discussions with students but would often follow lecturers to thier offices whenever they appeared for classes. Surprisingly these girls would get better grades when results came at the end of the semister


Secondly given the theoretical nature of studies at campus, it has always favoured students who are good at cramming rather than understanding.
More to that, some students work while at campus either to raise thier own tution fee or as a means of personal survival and all these may hinder the general performance of the students.

To me i believe that someone who can manage to score above 60%(2nd class lower) in each course unit has the same level potential and competency with someone who scores above 70%.
It is also evident that people who have scored average grades are more hardworking and successful than people who get first class degrees e.g the likes of Milton Obote(Never completed university), Mr.Museveni(Pass Degree) Tumusiime Mutebile (2nd upper), Erias Lukwago(Pass), Norbert Mao(Pass), Kale Kayihura(Pass), Sheila Nduhuikire(Pass) etc

Employers must understand that there is a big difference between theoretical and practical performance. Some graduates may be good at theories and weak in practicals, others good at practicals than theories while a few may be good at both. Employers should therefore give an equal oppurtrinity to both academic giants and average academicians.
In doing this thier performance should be evaluated while at work but not judged with academic papers.

Employers should emulate the Fairy tales of Lechester City.
Having struggled to survive relegation in 2014-2015, Lechester came back with much determination and committment in 2015-2016 that saw it crowned the premiership champions.
We compare Lechester City to an employer who gives a fair chance to all his players, build confidence in the team and make them believe that everything is possible if they workhard.
At the end of the day, the players/employees workhard not to disappoint thier coach and they do everything possible to secure thier jobs through performance not mere papers.

Then we compare companies (likes of KPMG, PWC) who consider more of academic documents to clubs like Chelsea, Man City, Man United who buy brand names/ first class students. Such players like Falcoa are always expected to perform beyond thier capabilities and such personalities are bond to fail. In addition, since they are exceptional, they will attribute any failure to the team to other low-priced teammates and attribute any success to themselves.

In conclusion therefore, before you demand first class degrees from graduates, ask yourself what CGPA you had from university.
Before you doubt someone’s performance,think about where you would be if you were denied a chance to express your potential at work.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Nice piece but I think this should have been sent to those company websites….. but u really have a point my learned collegue


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