Over the past two days after Dr. kizza Besigye was granted bail, some innocent Ugandans have directly been victimised while others have watched these terrible acts of the Uganda Police Kifeesi mercilessly beating people with heavy sticks. It should be noted that this is not the first time such incidents of Police using unknown criminal gangs to beat innocent people are happening. This group first came into a limelight in 2015 when it was seen harassing Kyambogo students who had protested over genuine reasons.
This same group was in April captured by media stations wearing masks and beating innocent civilians that had escorted Dr.Kizza Besigye after his 40-day house arrest was put to an end.


Who is working with Kifeesi Police?,
Overtime, we have seen Police make contrary statements on whether they are working with Police or not. In mid-June 2016, the Daily Monitor released an article that showed who the real Kifeesi were, whom they work with and how they are operating.
Therefore its clear that the kifeesi Police members are known by Police but whats also clear is that no one in Police knows who commands it. This means that its commanded by IGP Gen.Kale Kayihura. While watching news today on NTV, Kayihura went ahead to applaud the actions of his Kifeesi Police claiming that such a method is saving people from Teargas.

When minister of security Hon Henry Tumukunde was taking over office, he vowed to fight the Kifeesi but it looks like he is far from reality since the operation of Kifeesi seems to be above his authority & command.

Police MUST stop taking Ugandans for granted.
Overtime government officials have vowed to make investigations but all this has been in vain. In april, a Police committee was set to investigate who the real Kifeesi was and who was commanding them but the question remains “How can you investigate yourself?”. This same question should be posed to our Prime Minister Dr.Rugunda who yesterday promised parliament to investigate the matter.


Uganda Police is increasingly losing its reputation, first as the most corrupt government instuitution, second as a partisan body and thirdly as the gross abuser of human rights and freedom. It has continuously pushed Ugandans on the wall and soon or later the patience of Ugandans is likely to be put on a test.

We have a government that thinks it is very powerful and that it can use state machinery to stay in power. However this same government is to forgetful about the incidents that brought it to power in 1986 and the most recent Kayunga crisis where its alleged that the president almost ran into exile.
A similar situation is currently happening in Zimbabwe where massive protests against Robert Mugabe policies are being opposed. Mugabe just like Museveni thought he was too powerful to contain any situation as long as the police and army remain under his controll but as we talk a mere pastor is almost forcing him into exile.
We have seen very powerful and uncompromising leaders end so poorly just because of failing to respect human rights. Talk of Amin, Obote, Gadaffi(Most powerful African leaders). This should be a remain to Kayihira and Museveni that as long as you have blood and freash, then you are not immortal.

Who is to blame #KifeesiVsBesigye.
Minister Frank Tumwebaze argued that Besigye should be blamed for gathering masses and tired to defend the activities of kifeesi. But the question is, what crime does Besigye commit by gathering crowds and if a crime is committed, who should intervine to calm down the situation. For example after Besigye was granted bail, hundreds of innocent people who stood by the roadside to wave at him were beaten by Police and Army.
So one would wonder, is waving a crime in Uganda???
Secondly if the DPC of Kampala who is a murder suspect is still in active operation, Chris Aine whose head was once put a shs 20 million bounty is serving in Operation Wealth Creation, then why should one think that Besigye who has been unfairly arrested without being convicted be a criminal gang organising protests.

This is a clear indication that after Mr.Museveni realised that he had lost the people’s mandate in feb 2016, he now wants to resort to politics of suppression, harassment, police brutality and arrests without trial but little does he know that all these are bleeding more forces of nationalism and liberalism that may soon ariise and become uncontrollable.

Likely effects of Kifeesi Police.
As we news yesterday even NRM sympathisers looked griefed as Kifeesi was beating people. This is an indicator of increasing discontent and anger among people as they watched people’s rights being violated.
The message against Police brutuality is going to strenthen and very soon it will seem diffucult to defend the image of Police.

Also, it is likely to be easier to mobolise the opposition youth in a pretix of creating defence mechanisms against Kifeesi. This could lead to the revival of P10 which had made the government panic during the feb elections. And once there is a genuine cause to mobolise Ugandans against Police Kifeesi, then we could end up in a total shutdown.
Already we have all noticed huge differences within Police and army and this shows that Uganda is sitting on a time bomb.

Message to Kayihura & Museveni.
You may continue to talk about your historical achievements such as creating peace, increasing tax revenue, extending electricity etc but as long as you don’t respect people’s liberties and rights, then soon you are likely to have an ugly exit.
Instead of beating people following Besigye, you should find a mechanism to address the issues he is rising or else you will be worsening the problem.
And lastly i remind Mr.Museveni that he was able to defeat Obote because people always welcomed him as a liberator and now that he is becoming the oppressor, the same people will welcome another liberator. Museveni did not win a war because you had better military tactics than Napolean but because people were behind him for genuine reasons. Now the the genuine reasons have disappeared, the people behind you are seeking monetary benefits from you.


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