Earlier this month, Ugandans woke up to a dramatic scene where pro-Kayihura protestors tried to block a court proceeding in which IGP Gen Kale Kayihura was supposed to be tried following allegations of continued Police brutuality especially on Opposition leaders and supporters.
Lawyers that had sued Gen.Kayihura survived being lynched by an organised mob whom we all believe had been sponsered to create an impression that Kayihura was popularity and shouldn’t be tried in courts of law.
     Although Police claims that they had not received a summon, one wonders how this mob got to know about Kayihura’s trial before Kayihura himself knows, on pretex that he had not received any summons.
However to many Ugandans that have closely followed the political events in Uganda, such a scenario shouldn’t be surprising because overtime it has been demonstrated that in Uganda there are certain individuals that are greater than institutions.


The underfire General himself, Kale Kayihura.

The beginning of the end of Kayihura…
Kayihura’s inconsistency and unpopularity started the day he started creating informal Political systemd parallel to the Police forces aimed at keeping Mr.Museveni in power. By doing this, he shifted his roles as IGP to a presidential advisor and his chief moboliser especially during elections.
In early 2015, i was among the congregation that hosted Gen.Kayihura at Muk where he had been invited by the National Crime Preventers Forum under the theme “Father of the Nation”. It was during this meeting that i personally heard Kayihura appluad the achievements of NRM and Mr.Museveni in particular and asked students to support M7 if they wanted Uganda to remain stable. This showed how partisan he was and how divergent his interests were.

The formation of Crime Preventors.
Towards the start of the 2016 elections, the National Crime Preventors Forum came into existance with parliamentary approval on its roles and supervision. I remember PM Rugunda apologising in Parliament that because such a forum was urgently needed to maintain peace,then they could not get time to discuss this protocol in parliament.
But the question is, who are the crime preventors??
    For easy mobolisation of the youth and the majority unemployed, Kayihura stated up this project under leadership of one law student at Muk. This group expanded to almost every corner of the country and unfortunately it comprises 95% illiterate people. Such people are always promised a better living under this Forum in exchange of being used.
The most unfortunate issue is that these illiterate and untrained Crime preventors have in most cases usurped the role of the well-trained Police officers.


Someof the illiterate crime preventors/ Kifessi beating Besigye’s supporters with a metal and an electric wire.

These crime preventors are indoctrined with NRM ideologies and they are often used as spies on Police officers who sympathize with opposition. They directly communicate to Kale Kayihura and they influence one’s transfer or retrenchment.
This is an informal Political system that has negatively affected service delivery by the formal Police system.

This is why one would wonder how a mere law student without any Police experience can become an Executive Director of such a country-wide forum. This is why one would wonder why Police buys motorcycles for Crime Preventors instead of giving them to Police officers to ease their work. This is why one would wonder how NCPF claims to create employment opputrinities without giving salaries to thier workers.


One of the crime preventors during court protests at Mankindye commonly know as Tabs

And after analysing such questions, then you will now understand why we have seen various protestors around the country protesting the trial of Kayihura in court. These are the jobs they are given.

Tolerating Indiscpline in Police.
Kayihura’s circle of friends in Police have continuously disrespected the rule of law but no action has been taken but rather he has shielded them. The most recent is the case of Kampala’s DPC Aaron Baguma a murder suspect whom thr Police under Kayihura refused to hand over to the courts of law but rather sent him for a Police training in Jinja. Its now almost a year since this case was raised to court but Aaron Baguma who is charged with 3 other suspects has not surfaced in court.
This case is a drop in an ocean because on several occassions we have seen Kayihura transfer his loyalist police officers who act contrary to the law but instead of punishing them. This is why analysts argue that police brutuality is on the rise because young officers see no action taken on thier senior commanders once they mistreat citizens especially opposition.

Building a Partisan Police Force.
One would wonder how Police really accepted protestors at Makindye high court under the Public Order Management Act but then beat innocent civilians who would stand by the roadside to wave at opposition leader Kizza Besigye.
The director of Police legal service comfortably argued that the ptotestors had a right to show thier disatisfaction through protesting. However once opposition in Uganda organises a demonstration, then it is termed as “Violence” and mainly intended to loot people’s businesses. I can well conclude with this quote “When the rich steal the poor, its called business and when the poor fight back, its called violence”.

Disrespect of the rule of law.
In a report released by the UNHRC, this year Police was a gross abuser of human rights with a lot of cases of torture, harassement, detention beyond 48 hours, intimidation etc. With such a report, it discredits the role of Kayihura as someone who has served this force for 10 years at the helm and this is attributed to the factor that we have a politician aimed at keeping Mr.Museveni in power than an IGP aimed at ensuring law and order.


Tweep from Nicholas Opiyo-one of the private laywers sueing Kale Kayihura.

Lastly, i want to appluad the efforts of every Ugandan for continuously exposing the evils of this partisan Police and i believe very soon our efforts are good enough to yield results.
As Kizza Besigye said that the most key role in uprooting dictatorship is to create awareness among the masses..



  1. The only issue have with kayihura and this government is that they nolonger feel ashamed by such shameful broad day acts, they have decided to stage manage everything that they nolonger fear for their reputation, if police have failed to Aline baguma in court,do you really see kayihura standing in the dock????


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