In Oct 2008, the Uganda National Roads Authority was commisioned to work as an autonomous body under the supervision of the ministry of Roads & Transport in order to be more effective in service delivery.
Over time UNRA has received more money than other government authorities like NFA, NWA, NEMA etc.
However its activities has often been confined with exorbitant corruption overtime with the Commission of inquiry led by Justice Catherine Bamugemerire indicating that ugshs 6 trillions were embezzled in a period of 5 years.

However, as Ugandans we need to ask ourselves the following questions!

UNRA employs over 1000 employees with its capacity being 1500. Assuming on average, each employee earns ugs 2,000,000, the monthly wage bill will be ugs 2b assuming no allowances incured.
What disturbs me most is that UNRA recruits some of the best engineers but its shocking to see that UNRA has not constructed a road using its employees. Most of the work is done but contractors and this leaves me with one question, “What is the role of the engineers you recruit”?
Last month i was shocked that UNRA hired a consultancy firm which cost them billions of shillings to evaluate some roads yet UNRA has experienced Monitoring & Evaluation Officers. So if there role is to supervise contractors, then couldn’t the ministry of transport supervise and evaluate its projects??

Secondly, is there any impact assessment report that indicates that better roads have been constructed since 2008 as compared to the roads that were constructed before under the ministry of Transport & Roads??, And if there is no significant impact, then what has UNRA been doing??

Then of course with these corruption scandles hitting UNRA every noe and then, how can Ugandans trust such a body?!. First there has been excessive corruption in awarding contracts, inflating the costs of constructing roads, recruitment of workers, paying compensation to those affected by constructions. You can see this by just looking at how wealthy UNRA officials become in just a less time…

I would therefore recommend that UNRA should be disbanded and intergrated back to the Ministry of Transport because it seems to carry out the supervisory work which was earlier done by the ministry of Transport. If UNRA engineers cannot construct roads, then we should disband it immediately..


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