His now addicted that he can’t spend a day without attacking Besigye’s personality and tactics and FDC’s supporters at large. To many, he changed his colours from advocating for good governance to romancing dictatorship while to a few(me inclusively) he achieved his target of attracting State attention to fulfill his own objectives in stead of national objectives.

Today after my church service, i decided to write a few facts about Andrew Mwenda’s continuous attack on Besigye and his supporters.
Earlier this week, Andrew Mwenda wrote an article in his Independent magizine branding Besigye as a poor Politician and strategist citing that Besigye is wrong to concentrate on presidency but in stead concentrate on lower elective positions. He went ahead to quote interesting figures on how FDC’s MPs have been reducing in percentages since 2006 and this awakened me to remind Mwenda on some facts.


“Andrew Mwenda CEO- The Independent Magazine”
One, in 1980, Museveni engaged into an election that he terribly lost. Besides his Political party (UPM) only had no seat in Parliament citing that his party was grossly weak. Citing irregular electoral practices, M7 & 27 collegeas decided to rage a Gorrila war to liberate Ugandans. War was the best alternative to them since government institutions that would have resolved their matter were serving the dictator.
Five years later, M7’s NRA were successfully and defeated Tito Okello’s government.
So my question is, if UPC was popularly elected by the masses, why was M7 welcomed by the masses during the liberation war?
And my simple answer is because the “votes didn’t reflect the will of the people” and this is exactly the same situation in Uganda right now!
Dr.Kizza Besigye has lost 4 times in his bid for presidency, but the question should be under what circumstances?, Besigye never competes against M7 but competes against the State.
Precisely as Rtd Bishop Zack quotes “M7 neither wins or loses an election because he never competes”
Therefore Mwenda should not rely on cooked figures by the EC to determine the support of Besigye. If he has less support, why can’t the state give him his rights of movement, expression just like it does to Hon Mbabazi.
The same circumstances Obote won the 1980 elections are the same circumstances Museveni ia using to win elections.

Secondly, Mwenda accuses FDC’s supporters of verbal terrorism on social media and bases himself on this to say that FDCs radicial would become worse than NRM once in power.
But i would also wish to remind Mwenda that M7 was more radicial and thats why he convinced collegeas to wage war on the government the left over 500,000 people dead.
Mwenda’s only fear on social media(esp twitter) is that its full of elites who are always ready with facts to calm him down with his aurguements.
Besides why accuse FDC’s supporters of being radicial when 80% of the youth are unemployed, when there is excessive corruption( #shs6bCashBonaza), when there is excessive nepotism and potranage, when there is abuse of the law especially in harassing the opposition, when there is insecurity in the country (Rwenzori and in moslems), when there are tax exemptions to MPs, land grabbing, priotising Foreign investors, raising costs of living, poor service delivery, 19 mothers dying everyday due to poor health care, increasing income inequality, hunger and starvation, family rule etc…. Why wouldn’t any loving Ugandan seek radicial change??. These are the same issues that took Museveni to the bush!
In fact am sure he was following the USA’s elections and he perfectly knows how radicial voters were for their respective candidates. Did that take away the democracy in USA??, Democracy should be based on what someone says but what he does. Thus getting verbal attacks on social media should be welcomed as a sign of democracy and NRM should work hard to shutdown these attacks with facts and achievements.

Lastly accusing Besigye about weakening FDC’s structures for personal growth is wrong. FDC needs Besigye and Besigye needs FDC. If you reflect on the popular personal decisions that Besigye has edorsed such a walk to work, they have played a big role in stregthening FDC’s brand.
However unlike in NRM, whatever Besigye does as a member of the party does not contradict with FDC as a party. I will give u an example that when Amama Mbabazi decided to contest against M7 in NRM, he was expelled from the party and that shows that there is no democracy.
Recently Besigye announces the People’s government with the knowledge of FDC and the spokesperson comfirmed that Besigye had done it in his own capacity as a member of the party. This shows a lot of tolerance within the party which shows that each member can contribute in his capacity.
When Muhammed Ssengirinya boycotted digital migration, it was not approved by the party but it was appreciated since it was in the interest of Ugandans.
Therefore Mwenda should not demonise Besigye’s activities as impeding FDC’s growth..

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to stop here but i continue to appluad your efforts of resisting bad governance even on social media. The government is more worried because we freely express ourselves and create more awarenesa to the population..

Enjoy your Sunday



  1. Andrew Mwenda is trying to show you that neither Besigye nor Museveni is still feet… why do you want to shove Besigye down our throats, in a battle ground,there is always change of tactics, I personally believe that there are lots of people out there who want change but not the Besigye Change and am one of them, why did Besigye fall out of katuntu????? Because of his old fashioned politics Andrew has set out to expose His (Besigye) weakness but since you’re so much in love with him you can’t see his weaknesses.I have never seen you Criticize his stage managed dramas,We need mature politicians FDC is full of mediocres, that’s why Andrew reminds you that Museveni went to The bush and got something out of it and our dear “beloved” besigye cannot even contain an uprising 50metres away from sate house….What we need is a change of tactics…Bottom line,Am so tired of both Besigye and Museveni, They should all leave us….


    1. When u lamment that both Museveni and Besigye should leave us, to me u sound like someone who does not know what he wants. Besigye has never been in power and M7 has been in power for 30 years. I understand ur desire for change is due to the numerous problems in Uganda but unfortunately you seem not to understand the source of the problem and u partly want it shared with powerless Besigye.
      Secondly its very ridiclous to say that both M7 & Besigye are the same becz the two have different approaches to politics. For example, whereas M7 changes the country’s and his party’s constitution to make himself the only ruler, Besigye has never tampered with the party’s or country’s constitution. If u remember, Besigye stepped down as a party president in 2012 & even contested with Muntu to become a flagbearer..
      Lasts to call FDC mediocres reminds me of what my grandfather told me during the 1980 elections. He said that they shunned M7 bcz he was young and looked like a mediocre but what he did later, u know better..
      FDC supporters & members may be mediocres(can’t wage a war) but wat makes a party strong are the Policies, laws & the implementation. If institutions are well managed, then the country moves foward..
      Finally if u want change, u shd not hag into the air, take a side and strengthen it instead of lamenting that there is no good leader. If it means joining Mao or Akena, better do that..


  2. If You want change,take a side?? should I be forced to join a political party that is far from bringing change?? I would rather gold my tail and wait for a more credible leader to stand….


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