Shame exhibited NRM MPs & the fate EA integration.

Shame Shame Shame exhibited by our Members of Parliament during the EALA elections yesterday.
In this “Kisanja Hakuna Mchezo”, its been very unfortunate that the members of parliament have accelerated the levels of greed,  arrogance, pretence, and confusion.

Yesterday i was astonised by the manner by which particular EALA candidates where treated a section of MPs largely from the NRM. My particular concerns went to Ingrid Turiwane. MPs almost fought each other as they tried to stop her from speaking in addition to chanting her.
This was very unfortunate to treat a senior citizen of this country and a mother of six with claims that parliamentarians can’t vote a pig since Igrid has been allegedly sponsering Pig demonstrations at Parliament.
This really indicated how NRM MPs based themselves on subjective conclusions rather than base themselves on actual facts.


Ingrid Turinaawe being brutually arrested by Police”

For starters, Ingrid has never been associated with “Pig demonstrations” at parliament and we all know the groups behind these scenes since they always come up openly to claim responsbility. This group is called “Jobless Brotherhood” and not only does it have a connection with Ingrid but also has no connection with FDC as a party. Therefore it was completely out of order to claim that Ingrid has a role in “Pig demonstrations”

Secondly, just like Besigye, Lukwago and other activists, Ingrid was accused of being badly behaved. But of course that the culture of NRM that whoever does not agree with it or seeks to protect his/her rights is branded criminal. On many incidents, Ingrid has been tortured, arrested and brutualised by the established through Police but nevertheless, she has never been charged for breaking laws just like other activists. The only crime Ingrid has committed is to be the voice of the voiceless in this dictatorial regime which undermines human rights.
When the rights of Besigye was undermined during the 40-day house arrest, its Ingrid that used her braveness to fight to Besigye’s rights. Its therefore nonsensical to brand Ingrid as a criminal yet she has never charged by the courts of law.

In fact, NRM members are to blind to see the criminality among themselves. To me a criminal is that person who seeks votes by promising issues of accountability, good governance but does contrally on reaching in Parliament. The NRM MPs failed the first test by being bribed with shs 5 million each during the elections of the speaker. This followed demand for shs 200m for their personal vechiles, tax exemptions etc. All these actions directly affects the citizens of the country in terms of service delivery. Now this should be the real definition of a criminal but not someone who fights hard to change the status quo.
Besides taking about displine of Ingrid, how about Byandala who slapped a journalist, Kibule whom defended rapists, how about these MPs that have been chased out of parliament with forged academic papers??, Ain’t these worse than Ingrid?? Topic for another day!

Politics of EALA letting down the Integration.

The fact that NRM still ring-fences 6 seats out of 9 to EALA is clearly that it aims that serving its party interests not the country’s interests. In this case, its serving the interests of Dr.Museveni who recently clarified that he is not a servant of any Ugandan.
This automatically reduces competitive engagements and decision making which even leaves opposition powerless and having less to contribute because of NRM’s monopoly.

Whats also seemed clear is that the positions in EALA are in form of “rewards and punishments”. The system rewards those who have been royal to the regime & ready to protect the interests of the regime and punishes those who seen to advocate for different opinions. As the government in power which has the responsibility of reconciling conflicting parties, the NRM has those to punish those that disagree with it. They recently did in Kasese and implemented it yesterday against FDC.
The politics of intolerance must be stopped if sustainable peace is to be built. There shouldn’t be any reason to refuse to vote someone just because their party’s presidential flagbearer declared lawful “defiance” against the establishment.
FDC’s Florence suffered not because she had no pontetial but rather as a punishment against her party. Its very sad that we still believe in such politics of revenge, arrongance and blood & iron.

Following whatever i have stated, there is a big reason to expect less from the EALA representatives since no tangible benefit has been realised by the intergration since its revival in 2001. All this is because personal interests come first than national interests. Constructive engagements such as introduction of term limits, monetary union, East Africa Amry etc will never be discussed since we have leaders that want to die in power.
In fact Uganda(before 2001) achieved a lot without the integration than it did after the integration.
We have had crises in Burundi, South Sudan but EALA has never come up with atleast a recommendation. All they can do is to seat and watch.

In my conclusion; unless the political question in East Africa is solved, we shall never ripe benefits of the integration. Thats why Tanzania and to some entext Rwanda are not fully committed to the EALA because these are the countries that walk the talk than than policking & consolidating power. Dr.Museveni must leave EALA alone & independent such that they can think for Ugandans rather than pursue his own beliefs.

Thank you.

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